Latest Events & Announcements

Low cost Housing Project

This is a project initiated to provide low cost housing for the rural area which can sustain storm and disaster. This project is lead by... Read More

Forum 86 Reunion 2020 - New York City, NY

We the Forum86 members in New York city excited to host our friends in NYC for Reunion 2020. We are cordially inviting you and your family to jo... Read More

Forum 86 Members yearly subscription

We decided on November 25, 2016 reunion that every member of North America will donate $100 yearly which will be their yearly membership ... Read More

Charitable Project

Please donate on our Charitable Projects generously. Forum86 directly supervises charitable projects in Bangladesh. We do consult with Islamic ... Read More

Winter Clothing Project

Every year we buy and donate winter clothing to poor people of Bangladesh. Every year form86 collects cloths or donation to distribute cloths am... Read More