Sylhet Flood Help

As most of you know there is a dire need for post flood relief in Sylhet, Bangladesh, and forum86 USA have started fund raising for that. Response is still lukewarm. Our plan is to rebuild 10 houses in Sunamganj. We would need around ~40K Taka ($400) for each house. Please come forward and help in this noble cause whatever you can.

Help Rouf Babu

Our Forum 86 friend Rouf Babu (ME) ( A faculty of AIUB) is suffering from Stomach Cancer and is now hospitalized in Chennai. We need to support our friend Rouf Babu. Please extend your hands as always you do.

Charitable Projects

Please donate on our Charitable Projects generously. Forum86 directly supervises charitable projects in Bangladesh. We do consult with Islamic scholars before we spend any money from Zakaat/Charitable fund. Every year Forum86 buys and donates winter clothing to poor people of Bangladesh using this charitable projects fund

ALIVE Project

We initiated this project to help poor and meritorious students in Jhenidah Town Area. Your donation can help these students go long way and get established in their live. This is a zakaat eligible project.

Kormir Hath

A non-profit, non-political and a charitable project funded by forum86usa and spaandanb Provides basic healthcare for free to the people who can not afford Existing health services include Eye care, Diabetic center, Pediatric department and pregnant mother’s care dept. This is a zakaat eligible project.

Yearly Subscription

Your yearly subscription of $100 helps Forum86 USA to maintain a general fund to help forum members incase of emergency need as well as cover website maintenance, and 501c maintenance cost. We appreciate you pay your subscription amount every year.

Forum Newsletters

Forum86 USA Newsletters

Forum publishes newsletter every quarter to update forum members about on-going activities and forum members news. Below is the newsletters archive.

News & Events

Forum86 USA - New Executive Committee

Forum86 USA Election commissioner, conducted election on 06/24/2022 during NY Reunion and below is the outcome of that election.

Election commission took vote for amending the constitution to add more than two Vice Presidents which was passed unanimously and then performed the election/selection. Below is the election results. Forum86 Executive committee 2022-2024 1. President - Mizan Rahman (CE) 2. Vice President - Fouzia Parveen Dina (CSE) 3. Vice President - Monwarul Islam (ME) 4. Vice President (CANADA) - Shafique Islam Biju (ME) 5. Secretary - Layek Ali (CSE) 6. Treasurer - Ataur Shuman (EE) 7. Technology Secretary - Sabbir Chowdhury (EE) 8. Cultural Secretary - Mahfil Ali (ARCH)

Next Reunion - Seattle/Portland 2024

During NY 2022 reunion, members voted for next reunion to be in Seattle/Portland in 2024. Representatives from Seattle/Portland presented their desire to host the next reunion and members voted yes. Congratulations to Forum86 members in Seattle/ Portland for hosting the next reunion.

Forum Family

Delwoar's Family

Forum 86 USA completed Delwoar's family help pledge collections from North America and Australia forum members. Currently providing monthly expenses and educational expenses from that collected money. Forum86 Executive Committee also in consultation with BD apartment vendors to buy couple of apartments for Delwoar's family which will provide them revenue to bear their monthly expeses and educational expenses and also they will own the properties. Couple of apartments already been selected by Delwoar's family and price is negotiated and contract paper drafting is in process. Thanks to our dear friend Ataur Rahman Shuman who is diligently working on this.

Hasan's Family

Forum86 USA Dallas members are keeping constant contact with Hasan's family and tying to help as needed. Hasan bhabi has been able to get the sole ownership of the rental home and in the process of doing minor repairs and put that investment home in the market for sale. She and kids are currently receiving Hasan's social security payment. Hasan's other assets also have been transferred to bhai. Bhai is currently self dependent with the money she is receiving from all sources.