Low Cost Housing

This is a project initiated to provide low cost housing for the rural area which can sustain storm and disaster. This project is lead by Anam and well in progress. Pls contribute to this project fund.

Giving back Bangladesh

As COVID19 situation in Bangladesh is getting worse day by day and government imposing lock downs, lots of poor and needy family need help to fight hunger during this critical time. We request our forum friends to come forward like we did in 2020 to help poor fight hunger in Bangladesh. $125 of your donation can help provide food to a family of 4 for 3 months. You can use your zakaat money for this project as well.

Charitable Projects

Please donate on our Charitable Projects generously. Forum86 directly supervises charitable projects in Bangladesh. We do consult with Islamic scholars before we spend any money from Zakaat/Charitable fund. Every year Forum86 buys and donates winter clothing to poor people of Bangladesh using this charitable projects fund

ALIVE Project

We initiated this project to help poor and meritorious students in Jhenidah Town Area. Your donation can help these students go long way and get established in their live. This is a zakaat eligible project.

Kormir Hath

A non-profit, non-political and a charitable project funded by forum86usa and spaandanb Provides basic healthcare for free to the people who can not afford Existing health services include Eye care, Diabetic center, Pediatric department and pregnant mother’s care dept. This is a zakaat eligible project.

News & Events

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to all Forum members and families. May Eid bring joy and happiness.

Forum Newsletter

Forum publishes newsletter every quarter to update forum members about on-going activities and forum members news.

Forum Family

Yearly Subscription

Your yearly subscription of $100 helps Forum86 USA to maintain a general fund to help forum members incase of emergency need as well as cover website maintenance, and 501c maintenance cost. We appreciate you pay your subscription amount every year.

Delwoar's Family Help

Forum 86 USA and BIN USA collected fund to help Delwoar's family. All pledged fund almost collected. If any of our forum member who pledged but still hasn't fulfill, pls do so immediately as forum86 USA is providing monthly help to Delwoar's family from collected money. Also Forum86 USA is currently in discussion for long term sustainable help for Delwoar's family.

Hasan's Family Help

Forum 86 USA members and US Buetian's are helping collecting fund for Hasan's family. Forum86 is currently providing monthly help to Hasan's family while Hasan's family is trying to get hold of Hasan's assets and other financial investments as well as social security and survival benefits from Hasan's employer.