Doshgram High School Project

Background of the Village

● Village Name: Doshgram
● This is a one of the poorer village in Sylhet
● The village is separated by river called (Mora Gung / Nodhi)
to the mainland
● Earlier, there was no high school in this village and kids have
to cross the river by boat to go the school on the other side
● Regular floods used to create lots of problem to continue the
education especially for the women
● Overall, the education rate for women is very low for the

School Name: Doshgram High School
● Student Number: 420
● School Established: 2008
● Number of Teachers: 10
● Lately, Upazilla has committed a building for the school

Current Need
● School needs a playground. Currently, school has annexed a
playground from a private citizen and a buyout price being negotiated.
● School has about 75,000 Taka expenditure a month, A NGO
organization named ‘AGAMI’ pays 2.5 lakhs taka a year towards these
● Rest of the money comes from the help of the private citizens. This
creates enormous amounts of problem from time to time and leave
some of the teachers pay or utility pay delayed.
● Currently, we are trying to raise fund of about 14 lakhs to pay for the
school playground and some other day to day expenditure.
● This buying land is one of the extraordinary cost that school cannot
bear, that is why, School is asking for help to the private citizen

Current Fundraising Effort
● We have raised $7K already and have a verbal promise of
matching the same amount from one of our Forum 86 friends.
● We are currently at a shortfall of $2400 with matching.
● This amount can be raised at the later time as well from Forum 86
or from other channel as well.
● The fundraising money will be transferred through proper school
bank account, not through any private party.